Important note: Please be aware that our protocol is currently only accessible on devnet and the contents and technical specifications of this chapter may be subject to change.

Our protocol makes it easy for users to swap different tokens with low slippage. Thanks to our smart liquidity routing feature, users can instantly execute swaps with deep on-chain liquidity in a linear manner. Our swap interface is designed to be familiar and intuitive, with a simple structure and easy-to-use functions. To make a swap, users only need to select the input and output currencies and the desired amount of input currency. For more advanced users, the settings allow for customization of maximum slippage tolerance.

Smart order execution

Orders with a price impact above 0.2% will be splited and executed as fractional orders. These fractional orders give our smart liquidity routing and arbitrage mechanisms the chance to recalibrate the pools, ensuring improved pricing and liquidity after each fractional order.

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