stabble documentation v1.0

stabble is a Solana-native decentralized exchange built upon the automated market maker (AMM) conversion function originally introduced by the Uniswap protocol.

stabble sets itself apart by enabling liquidity providers to engage in both, internal and external arbitrage trading, as well as automated liquidity provision through smart liquidity routing. It also offers unique features like support for virtual margin liquidity, which enhances capital efficiency, allows liquidity providers to take risk-seeking positions, and integrates risk-averse investors into the AMM protocol. It shares similarities with Balancer and Curve protocols. Like Balancer, it supports weighted and composable stable pools.

stabble provides a seamless experience for traders and liquidity providers. By introducing a groundbreaking approach to protocol-managed liquidity and arbitrage, stabble tackles critical issues prevalent in existing DeFi ecosystems, including impermanent loss, low APYs for liquidity providers, and high price impact for traders.

Go through this document to get to know the protocol and learn how to use or interact with it. For more detailed and technical information, have a look at our technical whitepaper:

Protocol quickstart

Follow these handy guides to get started with the core functions as quickly as possible:

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$STB token quickstart

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