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Why stabble

The DeFi ecosystem has long been plagued by issues such as impermanent loss, low APY for liquidity providers, and high slippage and price impact for traders. stabble's addresses these problems with a unique approach:
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    Frictionless swap experience: stabble offers a truly frictionless DeFi ecosystem where traders benefit from near-zero price impacts, allowing for seamless execution of trades.
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    Protocol-managed liquidity: The project's approach to liquidity management is a game-changer. By implementing protocol-managed liquidity, stabble reduces impermanent loss risks and maximizes APY for liquidity providers. This unique feature ensures that liquidity providers can enjoy higher returns compared to other protocols but also contributes to price stability by reducing price impacts.
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    External and internal arbitrage strategy: stabble has developed its own internal arbitrage strategy. By excluding external arbitrage traders, the protocol generates additional income, which is distributed to liquidity providers. Liquidity providers experience close to zero impermanent loss risks as well as an APY boost of up to 20% due to the internal arbitrage strategy.
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    Perpetual DEX features: stabble's perpetual DEX functionality adds another unique selling point to the platform. Traders can effortlessly execute simple swaps, open leveraged long or short positions, and access real-time charts. This comprehensive trading interface brings traditional exchange-like features to the DeFi space, offering users advanced trading options and enhanced flexibility.
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    Unique token design: stabble has its native token, $STB, which offers various benefits to token holders. Staking $STB tokens allows users to earn staking rewards, while locked $STB tokens are converted into veSTB tokens, which offer APY multipliers of up to 4.32x, governance, and fee discounts. This unique token economy fosters long-term engagement and participation in the protocol's governance and reduces sell pressure.
In summary, stabble's has developed the first DeFi ecosystem that enables frictionless experiences for both traders and liquidity providers by employing protocol-managed liquidity. This innovative approach addresses the key issues faced by users of traditional DEXs and paves the way for a more efficient and user-friendly DeFi experience.