As our platform and especially our liquidity pools are designed to be as flexible as possible, the initiator of each liquidity pool is able to choose a) the initial swap fee at the pool creation and will be b) able to adjust the fees later, when the liquidity pool is older and has attracted the first liquidity and trading volume. The fees, which can be set by the liquidity pool initiator, range between 0.10% and 2.00% per swap. To open or close a position on our spot markets, the protocol charges 0.10% and the borrowing fee per hour is 0.01%.

Fee split

Depending on the initiator of the liquidity pool, the swap fee can be set between 0.10% and 2.00%. No matter how high the fee is, we always distribute 86% of the fees towards the liquidity miners and 14% of the pool towards our $SAX staking pools.

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